“Wicked Good” Customer Experience, a conversation with COO, Scott Noonan

Scott Noonan is the COO of Wicked Good Cupcakes. He’s married to Tracey Noonan, CEO, who is equally, if not more interesting than Scott. 🙂  After having dinner with Scott a few weeks ago it occurred to me that the story of Wicked Good Cupcakes is ripe with digital and CX learnings – Continue reading ““Wicked Good” Customer Experience, a conversation with COO, Scott Noonan”

Instant Gratification is Leading to Stupider Decisions

Now, now, now isn’t really working for me very well.

Truth be told anyone in my immediate circle of friends and family will tell you I like planning stuff out – I get some enjoyment in it, it’s like foreplay for life.  Something I learned about myself early in life was that I can get anxious about ‘what’s happening next.’ Continue reading “Instant Gratification is Leading to Stupider Decisions”

Naysayers need not apply


Being negative is easy.

I suffer from being negative as much if not more than the next person (see what I did there?) In my own reviews, my manager can give me 100 things I did right, and I walk away focusing on the few things I can do better.  When my team shares with me their work, their thinking, it takes effort to both praise and constructively criticize. These are my own daily struggles, I suspect others struggle with similar items. Continue reading “Naysayers need not apply”