I guess we are all different things to different people.  I am a husband, son, uncle, boss, employee, teacher, student and trying just as hard as everybody else.


I presume if you are reading this you are likely my wife, my mother or at least a friend or family.

I think I was destined for interactive.  My grandfather had a few hundred acres in Ohio where he tended to his crops his animals and provided for his family, raising healthy strong men and driven outspoken women.  His last name is mine, Fields, which for what he was doing, made all the sense in the world. My father opted to stay out of farm life, a decision my non-calloused hands and feet thank him for every day and something my non-fit physique could use a little more of.  I watched him and my mother ride the wave of modern technology through their careers.  Heavily involved in telecommunications and business computing I had my first Apple Newton before my cursive was even legible.

And then the internet came about, just when I got to college.  IRC chat rooms in dark college study rooms.  Coordinated online times (side note: interesting that we had to get on the phone to coordinate a time to IRC, so we could type to each other, no?) anticipated responses, waiting lists for computer labs – I mean for the love of humanity!!! I was still using the Dewey decimal system to find research when I graduated college.

And then the working world began.  And this is why I was destined for interactive.  I deal with digital strategy and the execution of that strategy.  No matter what channel, what technology or what business requirement you are solving for, you are likely going to be dealing with managed data.  And managed data requires organized storage, which requires, yup, fields. Well, er, and, Fields.

Want to collect data, use fields.  Migrate content, use fields. I mean take it one step further, my first name has its own langauge! JSON!

No getting around it, I was built for this stuff.  And luckily for me, I absolutely love it.


I arrived at Agency Oasis in 2009 driving and administering projects to completion, on time and on budget.  I influence process and policy within Agency Oasis targeting deadline driven procedures to meet the objectives of our clients.  My teams consists of well-versed and skilled interactive producers and client partners who dedicate themselves to the objectives and goals of each of our client’s projects.  In addition to overseeing several disciplines I act as a strategist and consultant with clients who require up front work, which influence the application of User Experience and the implementation of a technical solution.  I have managed several award winning teams and is most proud of my teams Sitecore Site of the Year award in 2011.

I started within in digital fifteen years ago having owned and operated a web design and develop shop of my own called Boston Shaker Media Design.  After disbanding that group I moved to Boston Interactive influencing long-term client relationships as well as helping grow core service offerings.

My interest with interactive began during my undergraduate career where I studied with Professor Sut Jhally and Professor Justin Lewis at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. There I focused on the philosophical abstraction of communication and cultural studies against modern advertising, marketing and the emergence of the internet.  After earning my BA in Communication, and at the behest of Professor Jhally, I continued my education by obtaining my Masters of Arts in Media Studies from New School University in New York City. In that program I applied Communication theory through practical methods with a focus on digital applications and the emergence of mass media messages through personal computing devices.

Supporting the community within the digital and interactive space is important to me.  As an assurance to myself and my colleagues that their work will continue to develop aggressively in the future, I hold a Faculty position with Emerson College teaching Masters Candidates during their matriculation.  Additionally I am a judge in the annual MITX Innovation as well as the MITX Interactive awards supporting the growth and adoption of best in breed practices and transforming ideas.

When not asserting progressive and creative concepts within Oasis I am reading books ranging from behavior and habit adjustment to biographies of technological icons.  As we know man cannot live on work alone and as such, both wine and motorcycles tend to be involved in my unwinding process; of course, you know, not in that order…


I have been teaching at Emerson College since 2007 within their Integrated Marketing Campaign program.  I instruct Masters Students through a course titled “Web Design, Development and Management”.  The goal is to allow the students to gain  a working knowledge of HTML and CSS as a jumping off point for understanding the structure of digital. In essence the class is a interactive process class jumping into the shallow end of development, information architecture, design, user experience and quality assurance.  The result is an aggressive thirteen week program where the class both learns as well as implements the tactics being used within the interactive and digital space.

Praise from the University

“Jason has taught a Web Design course in the graduate marketing program I direct at Emerson College for the past few years. His class is always full.

Jason does a great job teaching a combination of skills and managerial analysis. Students learn how to design a website, and create their own sites using appropriate software. In addition, they learn how to evaluate websites, how to incorporate search applications and other marketing tools, and how to be savvier judges of web services.

Jason is generous with his time, and provides individual coaching to students in the class so each can develop according to the course goals. It’s a demanding class, and students rave about it.”

Praise from the Students

“Jason knows a lot and has a lot of info to share. I appreciated that he pushed us, and set a big challenge for the final project.”


“Jason is a really serious and dedicated teacher.”

“Web Page Development was the only course that made sense and that I found useful. He should continue teaching this course. This course should be AVAILABLE BOTH fall and spring semesters, unless his schedule doesn’t allow it. Phenomenal course, phenomenal teacher!”

“I really enjoyed him and this class. He took a subject I knew nothing about and made it interesting and easy to learn.”

“I cannot believe how much I learn in 1 semester! They should offer this class also in the Fall, because it was an excellent class and many people interested in taking it didn’t get a spot!!”

”I liked this was actually a skill based class, with applicable knowledge that I could use in the real world. It was nice to actually learn something versus write yet another marketing plan. It would be beneficial to have more courses like this offered.”

”This is an important course to take if one would like to become a true communication professional. I have learned a great deal. Offer more of this course, including more sections and more than one semester a year.”