Don’t ever use ‘Click Here’.

I can’t believe I am writing this. It seems so obvious and clear cut, and yet day after day
I visit websites that give me snippets of information and then ask me to Click Here to
learn more.

So, let’s consult Internet 101.

Top 10 reasons ‘Click Here’ doesn’t work.

10. Links are valuable commodities on the web, click here has no value

9. no one is searching for ‘click here’

8. Even if they were, Google gives 896MM results for click here, you aren’t going to

7. People scan the internet, no one reads, ‘click here’ tells us nothing

6. Search engines understand context so use words that mean something in the link

5. PEOPLE understand context, so use words that mean something

4. Links stand out on a page, make the message valuable

3. ‘Click Here’ is subconscious action online, no matter what you say, the use has
to ‘click there’ to make something happen

2. It’s boring, why are you boring your users

1. People spent time getting to and engaging with your website, click here is calling
them stupid to their face.

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