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The Employee Experience: the secret sauce to change, evolution & success in CX

Companies are ignoring a challenge that is much earlier in the value chain than identifying their customer experience.  The desire of senior leaders to mandate a cultural shift from product or service to experience has left a void which is the foundation of its success: Employee Experience. Brands are relentlessly interested in experience.  Digital, customer, virtual, physical to name a few.  Technology is now the blood line whether the appropriate training or configuration is happening or not.  Naturally then, digital tools and applications become the interface for employee and customer alike.  Marketing technology is promising a future that is just […]

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The Modern Consumer Creed – repeat after me

I am not sure why this hit me the other day.  I was riding through LA on the hog and came across uniformed Marines, holding their rifles.  I was reminded of Full Metal Jacket (?) where the Marine creed was made popular.  In my head I replaced ‘rifle’ with ‘device’ and it was eerie what appeared.  I changed a few other words, but the gist is pretty clear. Marine Creed This is my rifle. There are many like it, but this one is mine. My rifle is my best friend. It is my life. I must master it as I […]

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22 tips & tricks after 222k miles in the air

I wrote a post a while back about some travel tips I had collected as a ‘moderate’ traveler. Now, I feel I have been promoted to ‘experienced’ verging on expert.  Thought I would share a full cycle of learnings.  Some may seem remedial, but regardless they come together as a full package. And for context, yes, the reason this all feels a little controlling is because it is.  I don’t like flying, and gaining control of the process reduces any anxiousness.  I am fine with with flying by the seat of my pants in many parts of my life, just […]

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Customer Experience (CX) is just Customer Service (duh)

I would have posted this on my other blog, SHAPING THE GAME, however it ended up becoming a bit colorful and not as prescriptive as STG editorial guidelines would like me to be. (So thanks ‘structure’ and ‘rules’ for ruining my good time). I get pretty excited about Customer Experience. I believe in it. The brands I am a customer of, they believe in it. I enjoy solving business problems through the lens of CX. I like teaching people about CX (though it is pretty straight forward). I like helping people understand how to define it, plan it, execute it, realize it and…. […]

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12 months in 288 seconds

A video.

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The unofficial digital marketing phonetic alphabet

Enough with this heavy, emotionally draining material Jason.  For the Love of God!!! Let’s lighten it up a bit. Between Agency Life and a focus on Customer Experience for a living, I spend a lot of time on the road.  I gamify it for myself.  I refer to cities by their airport codes. If you saw my calendar it would just be a series of TLA’s (three letter acronyms)  indicating my progression from one place to another. LAX >> IAH >> PIT >> UPMC >> PIT >> EWR >> LAX BOS >> BUF >> DNC >> BUF >> ORD >> LAX […]

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Leadership is earned trust, and it can be lost

I suppose I have been in leader in my organization for several years now.  It feels odd to write that down and read it. My first reaction to statements like that from others is usually rolling eyes and disengagement.  From time to time I struggle with the balance between confidence and humility in my professional life.  Confidence can come across as arrogance or closed mindedness, while humility can be interpreted as weakness.  The awareness of both and, for lack of a better analogy, the RPM’s of each, is a tight rope. In my current role as Senior Vice President in my […]

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Instant Gratification is Leading to Stupider Decisions

Now, now, now isn’t really working for me very well. Truth be told anyone in my immediate circle of friends and family will tell you I like planning stuff out – I get some enjoyment in it, it’s like foreplay for life.  Something I learned about myself early in life was that I can get anxious about ‘what’s happening next.’  When I was a kid, when I woke up early on Saturday mornings to go surfing with my dad, I would get antsy and nervous.  There was no Google or Surfline or Weather.com to give me access to the surf report. […]

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Globalization in a Content World (Webinar)

(This is being re-posted with permission, originally on Shaping the Game) On Thursday July 16, we will be presenting a webinar on Digital Globalization.  The subject is a complicated one that influences how businesses operate, market themselves and communicate to their consumers.  Not all brands have to worry about this. However, with the increased global penetration of internet users combined with fragmented language use by country, globalization and the adjacent strategic decisions it requires is becoming critical.   Interestingly, completing a globalization & localization strategy can act as a first giant step towards personalization for most companies.  Personalization is a hot […]

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Give me the gift of your attention.

I sit here writing these thoughts, sparked by a tweet from a Ted Talk.  My iPad is playing an episode of something.  My mobile and tablet both have hundreds of notification bubbles on apps across the board. My watch has only stopped buzzing because the east coast went to bed (or was it cause I put it on Do Not Disturb…)

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